5 Holiday marketing ideas Using promotional products

There is no better time to work on increasing brand awareness than when commerce was at its peak-during the holidays. One of the oldest form of marketing, handing out branded products to get your company name and logo "out there", both help to remind current customers about your business and spread the brand recognition to new potential customers. After promotional items, equipped with your company logo, in circulation, they provide free marketing as long as they still used!

As a time of giving, winter holidays offer plenty of opportunities to show generosity to customers, clients and employees, while spreading your brand name far and wide.

Send a basket of Christmas goodie to the customer or client. For companies in the business to business (B2B) sector, this is a no brainer! Promotional products Vendor offers a complete array of delicious gift baskets promotional, from overall smoking turkeys for gourmet candy delivered within a company-branded dish. Had the gift of wisdom sent to clients is a great way to say "thank you for your business", retain customer loyalty and branded products, if included in a gift basket, to continue to increase brand awareness within the company's clients.

To keep costs down (you may not be able to send an Executive gift basket $ 100 for the entire client), make Your client list and notice how much revenue (or other value) each client to contribute every year. Make a list of tiered style gift basket to send to the client and choose the style of each client will receive based on how valuable each client is to your business.

When choosing a gift basket, remember to be wise! If the client has any allergies that you are aware of? If they are vegetarian or vegan? If their company has a lot of employees who could enjoy the benefits of your gift as well? Take everything you know about each client into consideration before choosing a gift.

Give a free calendar. For service providers and niche retail store, providing custom promotional calendars to customers can be a great way to say "thank you", while reminding customers about your brand for the twelve months ahead. A clear choice for the bank, the calendar can also be a great holiday gift for the car repair shop, graphic designers, photographers and retail shops for niche or hand out letters.